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My mission is to give men and women around the globe the tools to transform themselves both physically and mentally with a no B.S. approach to fitness and nutrition so they look and FEEL good naked and maintain their results for life.

Work with Sarah

I’m here to guide you through your very individual journey of realising your vision of health and fitness. This is how I see my role as your personal trainer AKA your ‘cheerleader.’


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Postnatal coaching


Group training

Meet the woman behind SJ Fitness

My mission is to help pregnant and post-natal women enjoy the journey of motherhood by keeping them physically active, educated and empowered.

Sarah Gourlay Sarah Joanna Fitness
Sarah Gourlay SJ Fitness

Clients words

“I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Sarah’s constant support, encouragement, and endless cheerleading. She’s helped me move weight that I have been unable to move myself for almost a decade!! I loved learning about new exercises, relished the fact I didn’t have to do endless cardio, and now feel stronger than ever. I am so happy with these initial results I would absolutely sign-up to start phase two with Sarah coaching me again.”

“After working with Sarah I felt stronger, healthier, and happier with my body. I lost a total of 10kgs by the end of my program and gained body confidence. I loved the personalised food program, tailored exercises, constant support and encouragement. The best part was the explanation of exercises and constant support to ensure they were done correctly. I also learned more about nutrition, felt confident about making food choices when out and about and created healthy gym habits that are now easier to replicate by myself. ”